DA Versus COJ

24 January 2024

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Johannesburg is back in court today against the City of Johannesburg, over the illegal, unconstitutional and irregular appointment of Floyd Brink as the City Manager.

This follows a previous high court order stating that his appointment was wholly illegal, irregular and unconstitutional. Following the order by the Johannesburg High Court, Brink was reappointed behind closed doors.

Alongside the above, the City’s frivolous and late response to our court action, the criticism levelled against the courts and judge Budlender, as well as their commitment to unconstitutionality makes it clear that the Doomsday Coalition will always be on the side of their own – not residents’.

Joburg finds itself at the epicenter of a crisis of their own making – Floyd Brink should not be the City Manager in the City of Johannesburg. This is not only the opinion of the DA, but the findings of the High Court.

The city does not have enough money to function effectively, residents will be the first to point that out as their service delivery has gone out the door. Alongside that, we have learned that the city plans on rebasing the budget downwards by R6 billion to R9 billion.

The crux of the matter is that the city has no money, but chooses to spend huge amounts on a court case, to protect one of their cronies.

Furthermore, and even more worryingly, the City Manager and Executive Mayor choose to call press conferences to talk about about spending hundreds of millions of rands on the Bree Street Explosion site rehabilitation. This, while they have to date been unable to answer the million rand question – where will the money come from?

The city is unable to pay for service delivery, or repair disaster sites, and continue to deploy cadres to City owned entities, all the while not having enough money to fund their budget. Yet, they are in court today to defend illegality. The DA advocates for law and order and will continue the fight to keep illegality out of our city.

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