After conducting extensive research in Townships, we identified challenges that impede the economic participation of township residents in the formal and informal economy, we identified that the media is the biggest challenge facing township residents.

We came with up with the following practical solutions: Empirical evidence suggests that 60% of township residents are unemployed, notwithstanding this gloomy statistic township residents have the biggest buying power in the township economy.

The government spends almost R10 million on average on social grants per township every month, that equates to billions of rand in buying power monthly. Almost 100% of that revenue is not reinvested into the township economy to create jobs and wealth for township residents.

We will use the 100 Township Model to ensure we deliver jobs and opportunities for KasiPeople. .

Sources of Income: Sale of Shares

Sources of Profit : Sales of Goods and Services

Our Services : Company registration ,Websites Development ,Designs and Layout ,Branding and Marketing etc.

Projected Investment/Shares Sale : R 1.5 Billion

Projected Revue : R 500 Million

Projected Profit : R 50 Million ( Year) 2~5

Mr Chanon Lecodey Merricks
Kasi BC Africa Founder

Cell : 067 234 5076

[email protected]


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Our Services

We provide the following Services to #KasiPeople

Kasi Broadcasting Audio

#MakeAudioGreat This is an audio streaming service/platform delivering live news, radio, sports, music and audio/podcasts to #KasiPeople. KasiPeople can/may listen to #KasiBCAudio on our website or by using our mobile app and will have access to various local sports, news, talk and music broadcasts. We will be able to host 100 audio/podcast per day via our platforms.
Capital Investment : R 15 Million, Sales of Goods and Services : R 7.5 Million


Kasi Broadcasting Tours

#MakeToursGreat This is an physical/online/live tours streaming services/platform #KasiBCTours that will ensure #KasiPeople get to explore local tours and experience our beautiful country throughout the year This will be local tours, we will also offer regional and international tours ensuring that our people are well travelled. Capital Investment : R 1.5 Million, Sales of Goods and Services : R 2.5 Million


Kasi Broadcasting Video

#MakeVideoGreat This is an online/digital video streaming services/platform #KasiBCVideo that will broadcast in all official languages ensuring #KasiPeople receive local video's , regional video's and international video's content timeously.
This will create thousands of job opportunities in the online media industry for #KasiPeople Capital Investment : R 25 Million, Sales of Goods and Services : R 75 Million


Kasi Broadcasting News


This is an online/digital news streaming services/platform #KasiBCNews that will ensure #KasiPeople receive Local News , Continental News, International News timeously and don’t have to wait for three days until some other propoganda media provider decides to write a local story. This will create an ideal platform for township specific news as well as regional and international news, ensuring that our people are well informed and not fed propaganda from the mainstream media. Capital Investment : R 5 Million , Sales of Goods and Services : R 15 Million


Kasi Broadcasting Events

#MakeEventsGreat This is an physical/online/live events streaming services/platform #KasiBCEvents that will ensure #KasiPeople attend local events throughout the year.

These events include , sports , entertainment , arts and culture , exhibitions etc
Capital Investment : R 5 Million, Sales of Goods and Services : R 10 Million


Kasi Broadcasting Stores

#MakeStoresGreat This is an physical/ e-commerce store streaming services/platform #KasiBCStores that will ensure #KasiPeople do local shopping and support local brands and products.

We will also make International goods and services avaliable via our platforms Capital Investment : R 25 Million, Sales of Goods and Services : R 50 Million

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