Kasi BC Founder

Kasi Broadcasting Africa “Kasi BC” was founded in 2023  by Channon Lecodey Merricks , an Entrepreneur from Kliptown , Soweto . Born on 11 June 1976 during the youth uprising in South Africa, Channon is a matriculant who graduated in 1995. He passed the following  subjects , mathematics , accounting , physical science , biology, history , english and afrikaans.

Mr. Merricks entered the corporate world after completing his matric, shortly after the tragic death of  his mother , who was  murdered in April 1995. He was faced with  two options, either to turn to gansterism or complete his schooling.Wisdom made him choose his education over retribution  for his mother’s murder, who was a single parent with three children. He used this life changing experience to remind the youth not to have other people determine their future no matter the circumstances.

Mr. Merricks’s corporate career started  as a stock carrier at Nu World Industries in Wynberg, the best factory floor experience in his life.He remember an incident when the owner ,Mr Goldberg, called him one day on the factory floor , he asked him ,” what’s that on the floor”, to which he replied “it’s just a small screw”. Mr.Goldberg gave him the best lesson , he said,” one screw a day on the floor into the dustbin ,  how many screws per year or over 10 years does that equate to?”. This was a valuable lesson he learnt.

Mr. Merricks then had the privilege to land an office job at Kredit Inform. He did not have computer experience and Mr. John Rossouw, his manager at the time, asked him during his interview , “what will you do since you don’t have any computer experience?” Mr. Merricks responded, “I will arrive an hour earlier in the mornings and leave an hour later in the afternoons”.He got the job and even after three months he continued arriving early and leaving late. Subsequently Mr. Merricks  moved to a bigger company with more responsibilities as an Underwriting Assistant at Credit Guarantee . This was the “university” of the Corporate world, his duties ,amongst others,included dealing with business clients and banks. After three years he followed his dream of becoming an entrepreneur, culminating in the establishment of Kasi Broadcasting Africa, our services Audio, Video, News, Events, Tours, Stores

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