Dihlabeng continues to fail Residents

The Dihlabeng Local Municipality has failed dismally to render basic services such as refuse removal, electricity maintenance, and illegal dumping control. In some areas, refuse removal has not been conducted as scheduled.

This failure suggests that the municipality may be implicitly encouraging illegal dumping as a fall-back plan to compensate for its inability to provide refuse removal services.

Additionally, parts of the town of Paul Roux have been without electricity for more than 15 hours in the past week. The municipality has failed for many months to rectify the electricity issues in the town. This lack of response has also affected the town of Rosendal, which has experienced similar electricity outages.

The municipality cannot ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to the towns of Rosendal and Paul Roux. Furthermore, the municipality’s failure to communicate confirms its disregard for these residents and service delivery.

The Bethlehem Fire Station serves as the municipality’s emergency contact centre, but its after-hours telephone system has been unable to make outgoing calls for months. The municipality has made little effort to resolve this critical issue.

The DA will continue to hold the municipality accountable for its service delivery mandate to all residents. We will conduct a thorough review of service delivery failures, table it in the council and urge the implementation of a responsive and accountable system to ensure reliable services for all residents.

By addressing these issues, the DA aims to restore trust and improve the quality of life in Dihlabeng, demonstrating that effective governance can lead to better community outcomes.

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