NSFAS on Progress in Payment of Landlords

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) Administrator, Mr Freeman Nomvalo,  has been consulting with the various stakeholders since his appointment as the Administrator. One of the critical stakeholders consulted are the landlords for private student accommodation, who amongst others, raised concerns regarding the outstanding payments of student accommodation allowances.

In response to these concerns, NSFAS is pleased to announce that, a bulk payment of accommodation allowances was processed by the end of May 2024 and beginning of June 2024. The next scheduled payment will be not later than the 18th  of June 2024 to clear all legitimate claims. These interventions are intended to provide the much-needed relief to private student accommodation landlords.

The NSFAS Administrator pleads with landlords who still have outstanding payments not to evict students as NSFAS is committed to ensuring that all legitimate claims are resolved not later than the 18 June 2024. Landlords who did not submit their claims for outstanding payments are still encouraged to refer their queries to our dedicated email address  [email protected].

Furthermore, the Administrator reiterates his call to all TVET students who still do not have bank accounts to open the bank accounts with banks of their own choice and submit their bank accounts on the NSFAS established portal to avoid delays in the payment of their allowances. The banking details provided must belong to the student to enable NSFAS to verify these against the student’s details on our record and minimize potential risks.

The Administrator has also become aware of what appears to be deliberate misinformation about the work of NSFAS in various social media platforms and wishes to encourage members of the public to only rely on official communication from NSFAS.The Administrator reiterates his commitment to constructively engage with all stakeholders to find workable solutions for the stability of the PSET system and success of our students.

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